Wednesday, 1 March 2017

On applying makeup to another person...

Hello all,

To business. I, like I'm sure many of you, feel fairly proficient at applying makeup to my own face. I am familiar with it's curves and depths, I know the problem areas to watch out for- I know the exact shape of my eyeballs and how to apply eyeshadow to most flatter them. I know exactly how much highlighter really makes my cupid's bow pop. I know all these things, because I have been practising for so long and staring at my own face in a mirror for what probably adds up to years. Not all of that staring done happily, I must add.

So I, like many young women on the internet these days, would count myself as a makeup artist. Because applying makeup and creating looks is an art-form. Perfectly blending eyeshadow is very much like painting and I know that because I also enjoy painting. However, I have always felt cautious, if not downright fearful, when others ask me to do what I do on their faces. Asking me to do their eyebrows, asking to do their nails, asking to do their makeup... it is all a bit nerve racking.

Like many things in life, that proficiency we feel when alone can disappear when asked to do it in front of others. 

All that being said, I had a moment earlier. I successfully applied makeup to a friend's face and it went well! I successfully managed to create a nice makeup look, by examining her face closely and seeing the curves, depths, that would be highlighted and contoured. I faced my tiny, little demon and it paid off. I'm really quite proud of myself.

Such a pretty girl~ she said, creepily

What do you all think of the look I've created? What would you have done differently? What monsters and demons have you battled and defeated lately? Let me know in the comments or head on over to my twitter and tweet me like the twits we are!



Thursday, 6 October 2016

Les Marveilleuses de Laduree DIY copy how to guide!

Hello again, nice to see you! Not that I can actually see you. That would be awesome though. Or very weird, depending on your state of dress.

I'm sure you, like myself, have been swept away by images and videos of the gorgeous Les Marveilleuses de Laduree Rose Petal Blush (hereto referred to as the Laduree blush haha) and just like me you have absolutely fallen in love with it.

Well, in love right up until I saw the price tag.

Screenshot from and correct at time of publishing.

Now, this is one of the most expensive ones I've seen- the price seems to range from £230 to £400 here in the UK. Even so, £230 for a blusher? You are kidding? I aint got that kind of dollar, I'm sure most people don't. I'd go so far to say that about 99% of the population don't. 

So what of us poor, struggling, starving blog writers/auxiliary nurses?  Do we not deserve beautiful things? 

Of course we bloody do. So we just make it ourselves!  

There's quite a few tutorials available online for this, so sadly I am not the first. But I thought I'd put mine out there if only to show off the lovely thing I now have. At least it also means you can find out how a number of people did it and come up with your own technique- that's what I did! I made mine with pink blush for the main body of the petal and a golden shimmery highlighter for the base- the colour combos are up to you but this is how I did mine.

Right, so the ingredients and equipment you will need: 

Powder blush
Powder highlighter
Small makeup brush x 2
Small mixing bowls x 2
Rubbing alcohol (mine is 70% proof)
Washing up bowl and fairy liquid
Artificial rose petals

Step One

I bought fake roses to take the petals from for mine, but you can buy individual rose petals too and I think you may get a more realistic result from them. I just bought the fake roses because it was cheaper/easier. So if you have fake roses, you'll need to dismantle them and cut the petals apart. Then before you do anything else you're going to want to wash them. You wouldn't use a grubby makeup compact would you? Or eat off of a dirty plate? These rose petals are going to be in contact with your skin via the proxy that is your makeup brush. So they need to be clean. I used hot water and fairy liquid for mine, then patted them dry with kitchen roll and popped them on a radiator for a bit.

Step Two

Douse your now dry petals in your perfume of choice. Something like Paul Smith's Rose would be perfect, but I didn't want to use it up so I used my Dior Sweet Sun. But any perfume will do, if indeed you want them to be scented. Thoroughly douse them, so they're soaking wet again. Then back on the radiator to dry they go. I know, laborious isn't it? Such is beauty.  
If you don't want scented rose petals, you can of course skip this step. I apologise for wasting your time.

Step Three
"Blush Goddess" from Makeup Revolution. I used the two on the bottom left, and the second from the bottom on the right as the highlighter.

Once the petals are dry, you can make your blush mix. Take your blush and transfer the powder into the mixing bowl. This is where the knife comes into play. Yes, I know it's heart breaking to destroy what I'm assuming is a beautiful palette or compact, but it's also kind of satisfying, I think you'll find. Once it's in the bowl, start mashing! I used the blunt of my knife but technique is down to you. You want it to mostly be a fine powder. With your rose petals dry and to hand, lay down some kitchen roll to line them up on and another piece to do your painting on. You'll want this to be ready before you add the alcohol to the blush.

Step Four

 Add the alcohol to the powder mix about a tablespoon at a time and mix with one of the makeup brushes until it has a smooth, spreadable consistency. One at a time, paint it onto the front of your rose petals, leaving a small section at the base where the highlighter will go. Line them up like obedient ants, and set them aside to dry. 

Step Five

Once they're dry, make up another paste using the highlighter instead of blush. You'll need a bit less highlighter as its covering a smaller area, but the process is the same. Once it's mixed apply it to the blank spaces you left on the petals.  Set them aside to dry and then, voila! Your beautiful rose petals are ready for use!

The finished product in the vintage glass candy dish, and in the top right we see the obedient little ants lining up neatly as they dry.

Now, in terms of storage, I was fortunate enough to have a vintage glass candy dish that belonged to my Nan and was very cleverly remembered by the mother when I was talking about it. Before I realised I had that, I bought a small Kilner jar and decorated it with stick on pearls. Any small container with a lid will do- I just preferred glass so I could see the petals through it, and it needs a lid so they don't get dusty.  You can search your local charity shops or online for candy dishes, I'm sure they're quite prevalent. Or search through the family heirlooms if you have any, you never know. 

Excuse the eyebrows. They need sorting, I know.

And above was my trial look, I have it quite subtle here but you really could build it if you wanted. The highlight also gives a gorgeous subtle glow. 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Let me know what you think, is there anything I should have done differently? Have you tried it yourself? Leave me links to your attempts, I'd love to have a nose. At them. Your DIYs. I do have a physical nose, as you can see. 

I'll see you soon my lovelies, I received my first Birchbox today so I'll be having a pamper session over the weekend and will be back to you with the results!




Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Glossy Box Review August/September 2016

Hello! So very glad that you could join me!

So I very recently gave in to the Beauty Box Hype and signed myself up for Glossybox. I'd read good reviews and have obviously spent years drooling with envy as beauty vlogger after beauty vlogger unwrapped them on camera for my (our) entertainment.

Well I finally gone and ordered one meself!

Glossybox, Beautybox, September, 2016
New bedsheets too, cha ching~

Let it first be said that the packaging is gorgeous. It's so nicely presented. You get the lovely box initially, then the tissue paper, sticker, ribbon combo that everyone has seen. It's so nice. My mummy-bear said that it would make a lovely gift- I promptly pointed out it was a gift. A gift from me, to me. I'm so thoughtful.

Anywho, onto the contents;

MUA Eyeshadow Palette: this is the first thing I noticed once I finally got into the products. I love me an eyeshadow palette and this one seems really pretty. At an RRP of just £4, it isn't the most luxe item in the box, but that does mean you can easily go buy more if you love it. I don't think I own any eyeshadows by MUA, but I do have some matte liquid lipsticks from them that I adore so I am very excited to get into these shadows and have a play around.

MUDMASKY Recovery Mask: I did try this in the bath just now and it is quite a strange little formula. I'm not sure if this was a mistake or purposeful, but it looked like there were bits of dead leaves in the mask itself? Like tiny, black, well, bits of broken leaves. I smeared it on anyway, it felt like they might have exfoliating purposes so I didn't mind. One thing to be aware of in this mask is the TINGLE. The packaging says a slight tingling sensation, but I found it to be quite strong. It doesn't last long, however, so it wasn't too bad. The mask also has a very fresh scent so all in all quite pleasant to use. And my face does feel very smooth now, so it's a win.

Spa to You Cleansing Brush: I actually used this before the mudmask, because I figured I should punish my skin as much as possible, and it too is quite strange. I was expecting the bristles to feel softer than they were. It really is a scrub brush and it did feel quite scratchy on the skin which wasn't actually all that pleasant. I mean, I love a good scrub, but this was a bit much. All is not lost, however, because I then tried it as a scrubber for the horrible, dead skin that has appeared on my legs and it did a bang up job! So in short, great for body use, proceed with caution for the face.

COWSHED Wild Cow Body Lotion: I love the smell of this stuff, it's so fresh smelling. In the bottle, the smell is mostly citrusy lemon grass but once it's on the ginger really comes out to play. It's also quite light and very quickly absorbed so I've decided to take this to work to keep in my uniform pocket and use as a hand cream- you need it when you wash your hands 100+ times a day and this fresh smell might be enough to cover up some of the less pleasant aromas we nurses have to face!

Glossybox Makeup bag: the final item, a makeup bag that goes with the "Theme" of this month's box. I've read some disparaging remarks online, that it looked more like a freebie than a luxe treat but I personally do not mind. I always need makeup bags and this is a cute one. It's not too big, but not so small as to be useless and would probably be perfect for weekends away. Nice.

All in all, I am very happy with my first Glossybox. When I signed up I was offered a free box too, so I await with eager anticipation for that one to arrive!

What did you think of the latest Glossybox? Can you recommend any other subscription beauty services? Let me know!

Much love,

Alice x

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I swear I will dedicate more time to this...

It's been nearly two years since I last posted.

January 2015. It is now September 2016.

How in the heck has that happened?

How have you all been?

Shall I give a bit of an explanation of where I have been, what I have been upto and why I'm coming back?

Okay, if you insist...

Back in January 2015, I was hired as a home carer at a local care agency. I really enjoyed the job- basically going out to peoples houses and helping them to help themselves- and found it really rewarding. Unfortunately, however, it was extremely time consuming. I rarely had a day off. Granted I had some time each afternoon, usually, but the last thing on my mind was anything actually needing my mind or brain. I worked for them for seven months, by which time it was more than clear that I needed to work somewhere where I actually had time off.

There followed my successfully applying for a job as a healthcare assistant in the local hospital and here I have been ever since. I like the work. I enjoy helping people, dirty bums and oozing wounds and all. And that's all I'm prepared to say on the matter. For now.

During all this my mother also divorced a shithead and we moved house. My mum has met someone amazing and life is happy once again. I have not met anyone though, so there's that. I've been on holiday several times, had one christmas- lived, basically. But nothing other major has gone on.

And where has beauty been in all this? Where has my blog been? It's been left on the wayside. I've still been buying all the makeup a girl could ever need. I've still be wearing it and even occasionally posting on instagram. But habits were lost, so here we are. I'm a stranger to blogging, again. And the only one I'm punishing by that is myself.

So I would like to start again.

Hi. My name is Alice. I really do love makeup and beauty and creativity. So I'll try again.

If you'll let me.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


As everyone on the planet seems to know, there was recently a terrorist attack in Paris at the headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. In this attack, twelve people had their lives stolen; artists, writers and the policemen trying to protect them. Paris, France and the whole world has reacted beautifully. By now, the terrorists who incorrectly call themselves Muslim will have received the message- any attempt to deprive us of our freedom of speech will be immediately denied.

Part of the beauty in living in the countries we do, we being the people who upset the terrorists so much, is the fact that we are allowed to say what we like. If I wanted to declare a celebrity an idiot, if I wanted to say a religion was hypocritical, if I wanted to assert that dogs are the worst pets- I could. Doesn't mean you have to agree. It doesn't mean I have to mean it- I could just be taking the piss. But I am allowed to say it. I am allowed to take the piss.

By this reasoning, everyone can expect to have the piss taken out of them. In asserting your right to speak your mind, you open yourself to have other's minds spoken about you. In some instances, you might not like it. In fact, given the nature of man to be needlessly cruel, you probably won't. But it's going to happen. To speak your mind is to open yourself up to criticism, and boy, what criticism you will receive. Anyone who has spent approximately 5 seconds on the internet will tell you of the vitriol they find in all comment sections, everywhere. If you're new to the internet, just head on over to YouTube and go on any video- you'll find the poison fairly quickly.

Some people on the internet seem to be questioning why exactly it is we're celebrating a magazine such as Charlie Hebdo- a magazine who's primary purpose seems to be insulting people. While it has been described as "xenophobic", I don't think that's strictly true. It took the piss out of everyone. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Politicians (as the French say, et cetera et cetera)- no one was left unscathed. It was an offensively comedic magazine. That's what it was known for.

But those people are missing the point. From reports, I don't think Bernard Holtrop quite gets the point either. All of these people protesting, writing "Je Suis Charlie" and sharing the comics drawn by artists around the world- they're not just doing it in support of a singular magazine. This whole issue has gone so far beyond just one paper.

Yes, the paper was the catalyst that prompted it all. But now it is a demonstration, a vociferation, of our defence of freedom of speech. We will not be silenced. A cruel, tragic and ultimately meaningless act of violence will not quell the flows of satire and vitriol we love so much. If anything, it will make it worse. More and more comic artists are coming out in support, some even coming out of retirement, some previously undiscovered talents- all of them incensed by the notion that anyone should take away another's voice.

And in essence, comics like this should not be silenced. I haven't read all of Charlie Hebdo, being somewhat lacking in the French Speaking Department, but if we put an end to magazines such as this, where does it end? At what point do we stop silencing, figure that no one could be offended any more? The way I see it, we'd wind up with a silent world- no one saying anything for fear of offending someone. And who wants a world like that?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pretty Nails from Poundland

Hello Deviants!

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am all about a bargain. If I can get something cheaper, I will sniff it out. Like the quote from Taken, "I will look for you, I will find you and I will buy you."

I may have taken (ha) some liberties with the quote.

Anyway, because of all this, I often browse bargain basement shops in search of a good deal. One of these shops is Poundland, which I frequent often, in search of Revlon and Sally Hansen nail polishes. You can find them, typically they are stock other shops failed to shift, but still. For a quid? Bargain.

On many of these adventures, my eye has been caught by the Pretty display. Pretty is part of Quest Brands and is, I believe, sold exclusively in Poundland. If you've seen these displays, you will know that they have a huge range of polishes, covering all the bases when it comes to trends. I did often contemplate buying them, but then stopped myself. While I am all for finding a bargain, I had no point of reference for this brand. Even though it is just a pound, I didn't want to buy it if I would never use it again.

Well, my sister solved that problem for me! In our house (yes, I'm twenty something and live with my mother. It's been a hard year, shush) we do our own advent calender. In previous years it was my mother buying for all of us kids, but this year we decided to do it secret santa stylee and all buy for each other. The secret santa part failed epically, but all the present buying has been lovely so far!

Anyway, to the topic at hand, my gift yesterday was a Pretty Nail Kit. It's part of the sugar glaze collection and is a gorgeous mint colour. Again, I was apprehensive, but decided I needed to try it. It was only polite.

Upon first opening, I could see it was going to be sheer and it was. But the colour really is pretty, matches my purse perfectly, and is one of my favourite colours. Applying it to my nails, the consistency was thin and somewhat streaky. It took four coats to get it up to my standards of opacity, but I could have stopped at three. It was just some slight streakiness remaining that was only noticeable on close inspection that convinced me to go for four.

The "sugar" that comes in this set does create an interesting texture- the instructions on the back of the packet say to apply one coat of polish, let it dry, then apply another and apply the "sugar" while the polish is still wet. Well, I applied two coats to dry but otherwise followed the instructions.

When first applied, the "sugar" is a pale mint green very similar to the polish itself. The packet dictated further instructions to apply a clear top to make it last longer. Once you do this, the "sugar" changes colour to a slightly darker mint green. It's still very pretty, just not the same as it was before. The texture also softens and is not as sandy (if you see what I mean) as when first applied.

The colour overall, it has just occurred to me, is very reminiscent of China Glaze's "For Audrey". I will do a swatch at a later date to fully compare.

Overall, I do like this kit. Yes, it takes a few coats to meet my high standards of opacity, but it's dried solid and in a reasonable amount of time and the colour is lovely. I like the textured effect the sugar gives, and the instructions on the packet are clear. For the price you're paying, it's amazing and I would definitely buy it again. Or accept it as a gift!

Now, onto the pictures!

Pretty Nail Polish Poundland Review Sugar Glaze
I took it out of the packaging before I thought to take a picture. Doh!

Pretty Nail Polish Poundland Review Sugar Glaze
As close as I can get to colour accuracy, it's actually every so sliiiightly greener than this

And that's the end of this post! Have you tried Pretty Nail Polish? What did you think? I think I may be getting another one in my advent calender, giving my mother's slip up asking what Suede Nails meant when I opened it and just said it was nail polish. Haha! Way to ruin the surprise MUMMY. I'll write up what the other one is like, if indeed I get one, and post about it when I do.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, 28 November 2014

Classy Autumn/Winter Makeup

Greetings Sexual Deviants of the Internet,

Gee golly gosh, it's been an awfully long time since I posted hasn't it? I'm afraid that's what happens when life throws a brick wall in your face. Blogging takes a back seat. But that is rectified now!

To launch me back into blogging, I have just a quickie on the look I am rocking today. Inspired by the birthday card I received from my aunt and uncle, I have designed a dead simple, dead classy Autumn/Winter face of makeup. I was going to also do my hair like a 1940s starlet but then decided that hair really wasn't my thing and who has time for that noise.

Tada! Basically just a slightly smokey eye, using the grey shadow in Barry M's Glow Pallet and the white on the brow bone. It's lined with Eyeko skinny liquid liner. A full picture of the products I used is here;

Barry M Eyeshadow, Make Up Revolution Lipstick, Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder, Dior Blush, Smashbox Primer

 Except oh wait, it's not complete, because I forgot the eyeliner. Honestly. Can't find the help these days. Anyway, the blush on the left is Dior 876 "Happy Cherry" and if anything the picture doesn't do credit to how bright and lovely it is. The eyeshadow and blush pallet at the back is Barry M's Glow pallet. The contour and bronzing pallet on the right is Sleek in Medium 374 and if you're wondering about the slight discolouration, well, that's happens when you mix cats, coffee and makeup. The silver tube is my Cargo concealer/foundation "OneBase" in number 02. The black tube is Makeup Revolution lipstick, it's "Dare" which is a lovely bright, pigmented red with a matte finish. Next to it is my Makeup Revolution pressed powder. Beneath that is Avon Color Trend Mascara in black. The final item is Smashbox primer, which is my favourite primer ever. I also used Model Co pencil eyeliner in black to tightline and Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in black for standard liquid eyeliner purposes.
Eyekow Skinny Liquid Liner, Model Co pencil eyeliner

I absolutely adore all of the products I used today, they all seemed to work together to make me actually look like someone who'd seen the outside world recently. I also posted a picture of the look on instagram (obviously) which is here...

makeup tutorial, makeup demonstration

Because I love me some collages! Here's a close up of the awesome card they sent me...

birthday card

And all the love in the world goes out to my Aunt Linda, who sent the card, as she is laid up in hospital in AUSTRALIA after breaking her ankle. Love you Linda! Get well soon!

Thanks for reading darlings,