Sunday, 25 May 2014

Basic Rules for Clothes and Beauty and Life at Pride

I went to Pride yesterday and oh, what a vibrant, noisy, busy, colourful queen of festivals it is. I had such a good time and seeing so many happy people was just lovely. Despite the rain, the cold, the massive amounts of walking and my limited alcohol intake I had such a good time.

That being said, it does now occur to me that there are some basic rules you would want to apply to your choice of clothing and beauty products to achieve full carefree enjoyment. I share them with you now so that you might learn from my experience and mistakes.


Rule Numero One

Dress for the Weather.  As I was saying, it was raining on and off all day and I do believe I was the only soul there who had figured that into the equation. By which I mean, I wore my trusty Macintosh (note; not actually a Macintosh). There were Ponchos available to buy which were very cute but I couldn't help but notice that most people who were buying them were already sodden.
Kids, if it's rainy, bring a coat.

Rulero number deux

No Heels! Unless you are used to wearing heels for 12 hours straight and having little to no time to sit down, WEAR FLAT SHOES. This is something I didn't do, I wore little (admittedly waterproof) boots that have a heel of only 2 inches but boy oh boy are my feet suffering today. They were last night too. I was ready to go home at least two hours before my friends were purely because my feet were killing me. Learn from my mistake and wear the comfiest shoes you own, shoes that will not turn on you as the night goes on.

Rule Number Tres

Factor in Sun Protection. Whilst it was raining there were some moments of sunshine- in a couple of instances long enough for the ground to (shock!) dry. By all accounts last year's Pride in Birmingham was a beautiful sunny day. Actual paradise, sunshine, music, dancing, drinking, fabulous people everywhere (everyone who goes to a Pride Event, no matter appearance or personality, it fabulous. Don't blame me, blame science.) and what better to top if off than an unhealthy helping of sun damage. I'm not saying constantly whip out your factor 50 lotion and shower yourself in it. In fact, I would say no one would tell you to do that. Just make sure you wear lotion and use a moisturiser with SPF in them. I recommend Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. As always. But any will do I suppose.

Ruling of M'Lawd the Fourth

The makeup consensus seemed to be "go bright or go home". There were several face painters peddling their wares- the one I found the most off putting (gotta be said) were the ones using stencils. And wet facepaint. And a sponge. The same sponge for everyone. Now, I may just be a bit too paranoid about germs (I am, I won't even touch trolleys at the supermarket) but that just screams unhygeniosity. I don't want to catch any body Else's face germs. Who would? So my advice would be, do it yourself at home and look delightfully OTT on the train. Also blah blah spreading acne germs blah. You get the picture.

The Final Rule

This one only applies to drinkers of alcoholic beverages. And this is the one rule I really sincerely hope you follow. Whilst at pride I saw someone lay out unconscious on the floor outside in the rain. I saw someone having a nap in a pub. I saw people throwing up everywhere. This is the downside to any festival and fair with booze. So what I ask of you, and what I would recommend, is to please make sure you eat something (preferably heavy and greasy) before your drinking begins, whilst it's going on and after you've finished. I also ask that you drink plenty of water all the time. All of the bars are legally obliged to give you tap water if you ask for it so take advantage! Free water! Free cup! Besides the fact it will lessen the likelihood of your throwing up and/or passing out, you'll feel a lot more human the next day.

Besides all this, please, just have a good time!


  1. I've always wanted to go to a pride parade. Will definitely look into it for next year and remember your tips. Thanks :)

  2. It is definitely worth going to, it was amazing. You just don't want to end up like a few of the people I saw! There's still loads going on everywhere over the summer so if you do go to one, or even if it's next year, I'd love for you to let me know what you thought :) glad you liked the entry!

  3. I've done a bit of research and found there's one in Manchester in August so might go to that one :)