Saturday, 31 May 2014

Cath Kidston Nail Step by Step Tutorial

So the other day I took pictures of the stages it took to do my go-to favourite manicure; Cath Kidston inspired nails. And I thought, hey, this would be perfect for a blog post! How weird that I didn't think of that before I started taking hundreds of pictures of the stages of the manicure process.

The mind is a funny thing.

Now this manicure is hella simple, and can all be done with your common or garden variety of toothpick and the nail polish brush itself. There is however a ultra fancy stage where I took some liberties and used a blunt pencil. No but seriously, even if this is your first foray into nail art- you'll wind up with something cute I promise.

So... Stage one!

This is my current favourite form of Statement Nail, with the two swear-y (or peace sign) fingers holding the most spectacular pattern and the rest of the fingers in something a bit simpler. You don't have to do it this way, if you prefer your ring finger to hold your statement nail, your ring finger and thumb, what ever. It's all good 'cause whatever way you rock it, this manicure always impresses.
So yes basically for this step, after using your favourite base, pick whatever background colours that you want. For this manicure I think pastels are best, but whatever you feel is fine so long as it contrasts with the colours you'll be using for the pattern. Now on to step two!

Step Two

This step is highly complicated. You have to take the brush that comes with the nail polish, load it up so there's enough paint to make the blobs opaque, but not so much that it takes forever to dry. For this stage, a one-coat-wonder nail polish is best. Then blob away on your statement nails! Or all your nails if you're rocking this as a full mani. You can have as many or as few blobs as you like, I'm not a dictator, I wont judge you. I went with four because it seemed like just enough to make my nails full without being crowded.

Stage Three!

Nows the time to pay your other nails a bit of attention. As you can sort of see here, I went with stripes and dots and some weird pattern that went horrendously wrong. To create the stripes, blob some nail polish out on some paper or plastic, something that you won't be heartbroken to get nail polish on. Then load up your trusty toothpick, all over the bit that forms the "point", and laying the point flat against the nail gently dab along in the direction you want the stripe to go. Alternatively, you can use nail tape here, which is much easier. But I didn't have any. So toothpick it was! And for the dots on my ring finger I used the ultra posh blunt pencil. Using the polish you've blobbed out onto some paper, dip the blunted point of the pencil in and then delicately dab it on the nail. You can experiment here, depending on how big you want the dots to be. I would advise that you make them somewhat regimented, however, to avoid the messy look. There's loads of tutorials for both of these methods on youtube if you need to see it actually happening.(Not me in the video- just a super cute mani tutorial with transferable skills!)

Stage Four?

The roses! For this, dab the darker pink colour out onto some paper and using a clean toothpick, carefully draw some curved lines onto the lighter pink splodges you made earlier. Think, Cheeto or Wotsit shaped. As you can see in the picture, these darker curves become the shading on the rose! All the pieces are  coming together.

Step five!

Now it's time for the leaves on the roses. This is dead simple, blob some of the dark green nail polish out onto the increasingly messy paper. Now dip a clean toothpick in, create a dot near the edge of the rose and then drag it out slightly. Repeat this for all the roses, they can have as many or as few as you like but my personal preference is two. Symmetry or something. It's crucial also at this stage to start really hating the pink finger mess.

Step Six!

With the roses done (great job) I decided to completely change the pinky finger. If you haven't gone disastrously wrong then of course you will have completed everything and applied your favourite topcoat by now! If not then you can do as I did, remove it all and just do the reversed colours of the ring finger.

And that's your manicure complete! This mani is perfect for spring and summer, and wandering mysteriously through town with a bouquet of flowers. Have you never done that? You really should.

And if anyone does give this mani a go- let me know what you think!

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