Sunday, 25 May 2014

My 4 Favourite Products for Skin and Hair

I have a lot of beauty products, by normal people standards. I even had to specially by a new (plastic) chest of drawers to put it all. That being said, I have a few solid favourites that I can/would/do buy again. (I feel I should include a picture of my chest of drawers here to demonstrate just how much crap I have, however my room is a mess and also all the way upstairs. So. There we go.)

The following is a list of some products I like, why I like them and how I use them (if it isn't glaringly obvious.)


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for Face

lel- too lazy to wipe off the pancake. 
I know, I know, it says in my bio that I try and do beauty cheaply. But I had to include this, I use it every day. I use it before I put my makeup on and after I take it off and seriously, I can see and feel the difference. It's even helped my blackheads, or rather my pores, I'm convinced of it despite it saying nowhere that it will do that. It's also a lovely consistency and smells divine. Also a little goes a long way, so you do get your moneys worth! 

got2b Beach Matt Texturising Spray 

Wouldn't a mermaid look be more wet and underwater?
I have naturally wavy/curly hair (depending on length and weather) but it's also usually pretty frizzy. I love this stuff for the consistency of style. It just gives me natural looking beachy waves and it eliminates frizz. The waves look wild and cool as opposed to wild and a hot mess. And that is just perfect for spring and summer. Just spritz it on wet hair and leave to dry or spray it on dry hair and scrunch it a little. Instant texture. Sexual. 

Dry Shampoo- assorted brands

I only like and use products that have a sexist brand name. 
I love me some dry shampoo. I haven't picked a firm favourite in brand, I only know that I prefer the ones made for brunettes. Sooo much easier to blend away. No one wants to have ashy hair. Well, I don't think they do. Correct me in the comments if I'm wrong. I love this because not only do I not like to wash my hair every day, but also because it adds so much volume and lift. Who could say no to that?! Big hair is sexy. They also usually smell really nice- cheeky bonus. Also also, you can use it on fresh hair to add a bit of grip. So say you've just washed and dried your hair and you decide, Gosh Darn It, I want to do that really intricate plaited hair style I saw on Youtube but my hair is just so slippery and soft and clean. Well friends, a bit of dry shampoo. That's all it takes. Lovely. 

Lush Cosmetics Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser 

Wear as makeup for a youthful, Dickensian Chimney Sweep Look. 
What do you mean you think Lush can be quite expensive? And that you can't stand going into a Lush shop because you feel the smell is over powering and if you even walk by you get a headache and have to go lay down for a while?
Well that's how I used to feel, but I would battle all of those demons for this scrub. It is just about the scrubbiest scrub I've ever used, my face just feels so silky smooth after. What I do is gently rub it onto my skin (after doing the whole making-it-into-a-paste thing) then leave it a while. I leave it because, well, my logic is it contains clay, clay is like a magnet for impurities and I'm therefore using it as both a scrub and mask. Is that right? No idea but it works for me. I then, again gently, wipe it away and give it a little scrub under running water. So I basically just use it in the shower. 
- Side bar, while you're leaving it to slurp the impurities out of your skin you can get on with conditioning your hair or washing your body or shaving your toes. Whatever else that needs doing whilst you're in there. 

At some point I have every intention of doing a makeup favourites. However, that will be difficult. If I include all of them the list will be as long as my arm, which is actually ridiculously long. Tall girl problems. But soon. Soon. 

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