Tuesday, 27 May 2014

the time I Touched McBusted's Balls

Well I touched one of their balls. The tennis ball to be precise. 

Does that need more explanation? Ok, I guess it does. 

I went to see McBusted tonight! And it was the best concert I've ever been to in m'life. They managed to perfectly bring back in me that same feeling I had as a teenage girl, fangirling and screaming my head off. I honestly thought I would have lost my voice by the end of it, I was bellowing the songs and WOOing all night. 

The boys (men? boys.) put on such a good show- nostalgic tunes, comedy, sexualness, some slight profanity, streamers, confetti, explosions, fire and giant balls being thrown around the room. As I said, I touched the tennis ball. 

It was amazing to see how some of the boys had changed, some hadn't changed at all and some were completely unrecognisable but once they started singing and bantering I was with them 100%. I am amazed myself by not only remembering which one was which but also remembering the words to nearly all songs- songs I haven't listened to in forever and a day. I now have no idea why I ever stopped. 

There were many highlights, of course. Dougie sticking his tongue in Matt's mouth. Dougie singing the song from Titanic in that freaking ridiculous voice. Tom, just Tom, in all his Tom-like perfection (I love Tom). Harry with his shirt off, oh my days. Danny prancing around looking much more like a LAD than he used to. James being quite soulful and seemingly the more serious musician type. I just can't decide. 

Oh wait that's a massive lie because of course I can. 

The Year 3000. It was easy to see it coming. The giant trio of breasts above our heads was a massive give away. But it was still amazing. Easy to see why it was the Final Song. I don't know where those boys get their energy from but they managed to bring it for The Year 3000. It was just amazing. I can't even describe. My head is still reeling. I want to go to that concert every day for the rest of my life. Just rewind the last few hours so I can experience it over and over. 

This most miraculous of events took place at the incredibly posh LG Arena at the NEC in Birmingham, of which I took this rather nice picture;

it's nice because it's pink

You may currently be wondering "Alice, mate, where the fish are the pictures of McBusted?"

My answer, dear Internet User, is I didn't take any. I hate taking pictures of concerts, they never turn out great and I'd much rather watch the show. Simple as. 

And as this is a blog with a high focus on beauty, you may be wondering what I looked like. 

this. This is what I looked like. 

And that, as the proverb goes, is that. Did you go and see McBusted? Are you going to? Let me know what you think/though/hope to be thinking! 

Ciao beauties!

(P.S. I really do love Tom) 

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