Sunday, 25 May 2014

the time I used the (very) wrong shampoo.

The water was hot, just beneath scalding, and it soothed the dull ache in my back. As it cascaded over me, my eyes tight shut, I decided that the time was right. I reached behind me, down, to the right and felt around for the nozzle. Upon finding it, I started pumping. Once, twice, three times until my hand was full of the goo. I brought my hand up to my hair and started massaging it in, vigorously building it up to a lather, before leaning backwards and letting the water cleanse me again. 

I opened my eyes, blinked. Blinked again. Before me on the far side of the bath was my regular shampoo, with the pump action nozzle. Confusion swept over me... so what did I use? 

my hair smells fresh and is also bacteria free! Win Win! 

To be fair it actually smells really nice and I am pleased to report a distinct lack of "dog smell". 

7/10 would use again if there were no other shampoo available. 

This is what my hair looked like after using this and my normal conditioner:

thoroughly ordinary! 

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