Thursday, 12 June 2014

I'm in love!

Hey, you guys, I'm in love.

With lots of different things.

Ha! Tricked you! You thought I'd gotten a boyfriend or something LOL you don't know that I never ever will probably! Haha! Ha! Hmm... Oh well.

Anyway, I've done a post on some of my favourite beauty products and I just thought I'd like to do a post on some of my favourite things, objects, people I don't know, animals... you know. Just things I like and why. And hopefully you, you sexy thang, will check them out and like them too.

Here we go!

i.) Pandas.

I don't know what it is about pandas. They're cute, they're lazy, they're the least racist creatures on the planet. I just love them. And therefore I want pictures of them on EVERYTHING. Scarfs. Earrings. Rings. Jumpers. Hoodies. Phone cases. T-Shirts. Knickers. Bras. Tampons. Basically, if it has a panda on it, I'm all over it. I'm following about five different panda related instagrams. I think... I think I have a problem you guys. I even dressed up as a sexy panda one year for halloween. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT?

There would be a picture here but I couldn't find one. 

ii.) Owl Turd Comix.

I've mentioned Owl Turd before, and they do seem to be everywhere on the internet at the moment. I just love them. They're so my humour, a bit weird and kooky. So I thought I'd give them another mention here in case, you know, you missed the previous blog featuring them or are just checking in. Whatever. You can check them out here if you've unfamiliar and want a few giggles.

iii.) Felix Clay

Felix Clay is a writer for and oh my days does he tickle my funny bone. This guy does the most incredible, unbelievable things (like eating lube, hiring a prostitute, eating the strange array of foods available at a dollar store  amongst others) for the sake of comedy. And that is incredibly commendable. I don't want to come of as naive, and say I believe every single he says in his articles happened and was exactly as described but... in my head it all happened and was exactly as described because the world is so much better that way. 


On fourth thoughts, I'm just going to include cracked as well. I love too many of the people on there to not mention it at all. DOB and Jacopo della Quercia get a special mention because they actually follow me on twitter and are therefore awesome. Cracked doesn't need that much chatter, as it's been America's only humour website since 1958. So I won't say much. Only that it's hilarious and sometimes poignant and I loves it. 

v.) Stupid Tablet Games

Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga (why on earth are they all Sagas?!), Solitaire, Mahjong, all of the escape-a-room type games. They're stupid and time wasting and sometimes a waste of money but God Help Me I love them. Oh and Angry birds. The satisfaction of killing those smug little pigs is almost sinful. What's that? I'm a bit late to the party on that? Well, give a shit. I tried that bloody 2048 game and it was awful. Screw Flappy Bird too. I've never played it, but screw it.

vi.) Roman Numerals

Always classy.

And that's about it for my loves blog, I hope you enjoyed it/it didn't bore you too much.

What sort of stuff do you love and are unsure as to why exactly?

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