Sunday, 8 June 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Pamper Day

Boy oh boy was today a fun day. A few hours of it anyway. 

A couple of weeks ago my mummy-darling went into Debenhams to spend the £20 YSL gift voucher sister-darling had gotten her for mother's day. Whilst there, she had a makeover. She enjoyed it so much she booked us all in (Mummy, me, older-sister-darling and younger-sister-darling) to have a makeover today. 

Let me just say, right off the bat, Helen (the YSL counter lady) is so lovely it's ridiculous. She worked her socks off today for us, bringing in a bit of bubbly and some chocolates, and doing all of our makeup so splendidly. 

A run down of the make up and product she used on all of us (cause I know you're wondering (she used the same on all of us in different shades)) and what I personally thought of it. 

- Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Fluid
A cool, cleansing moisturiser she applied first and foremost (we all went in make up free) and oh my lord is this stuff lovely. It was really warm in the shop but this goo is so cool and fresh and light. I just wanted to bathe in it. It really was hot in the shop you guys.

-Forever Youth Liberator Serum
This gunk, and you only need a tiny smidge, has really made my skin feel silky smooth. From one application! Highly recommended, even if it is just a case of going for a makeover so you can try it. 

-Le Teint Touche Éclat
Now I'm not used to wearing liquid foundation (shock! horror!), I prefer BB/CC creams or powder but I do like this stuff. It is light, but I can still feel it on my skin. I think because it's so different for me to have liquid foundation on. I'm not sure if it will overtake my love for Bare Minerals, I'm not sure anything ever could, but if you are a wearer of liquid foundation I would recommend popping in store and picking up a sample. Younger-Sister-Darlings matched her skin so well you couldn't even see it, so obviously she picked some up. This foundation also has radiance in it, so you do get a dewy glow. It's subtle though, so you don't look like a disco ball. 

-Terre Saharienne 
Now, everyone else had the Kiss and Blush used on them for their cheek colour, however I picked the Red (Rouge Libertine) colour and didn't really fancy red cheeks too. Though it might be a bit much. So myself and Helen decided that a bit of bronzer may be better. This bronzer in particular is lovely, it's quite a matt finish so it's very suitable for day time wear yet not so opaque that you lose the radiancy from the foundation. I'm not sure which shade she used on me, but they have quite a few so... look for yourself, lazy bones. 

-Couture Palettes
I love these palettes. There's just so many, and five colours in each palette means way too many options and I love it. I chose the Fauves palette, which is a very neutral brown and grey one. Silly me, my thinking was to go for something subtle to pair with the red lip. Helen had other ideas. Don't get me wrong, I love the look she did, with sweeping bat wings on my eyes. I'll probably recreate the look for a night out with my Naked Palette from Urban Decay (cheeky) but I did feel a bit conspicuous in town with it on. That being said, the eye shadows themselves are gorgeous! Highly pigmented and very blendable. I'm quite smitten with the Lumieres Majorelle palette. Only time will tell if I get it on payday (I will). 

-Long-Lasting Eye Pencil 
Not a lot to say about this. She used the Charcoal Grey on me. It's nice, went on easily, is blendable and now it's on won't shift! I do like it, but, it's an eyeliner pencil. I know it's a weird thing to get funny about but for an eyeliner pencil I'll most likely lose I refuse to spend more than a fiver. It's not that special. 

-Baby Doll Mascara
This mascara I did like. It goes on easily and there was zero clumping. Like at all. However with it being described as "Betty Boop" lashes, the phrase "false lash effect" being thrown around, when I finally used it I was a bit underwhelmed. Maybe I go OTT with mascara usually but for me this provided a more natural look. The eyelashes do appear longer and darker but not false at all. It just looks like I'm blessed with nice lashes. Basically, it's not a patch on the super awesome L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara. 

-Kiss and Blush
This little gem, and a gem it is, is a highly pigmented stain that you can use on both your lips and cheeks. Geddit? Kiss and Blush? Saucy. As I said a few minutes ago, I opted for the Rouge Libertine which is the deep, cherry red colour. I just saw it in it's pretty little pot (which looks like a nail polish pot!) and though, get on my face you sexual deviant. It's highly pigmented, like I said, and has quite a matte finish. "Matte finish?!" I hear you cry, "is it awfully drying?!". Well, my dirty little cherub, my lips now (just about an hour after application) are quite dry and the colour has faded a touch. However, I had quite dry lips just before I went into debenhams and there's only so much repair Nivea Lip Balms can do. so in that regard I will reserve judgement and use it on a day when my lips aren't quite so chapped. 
Also, you may be wondering, how does it compare to my absolute favourite lipstick, what I think is the best red lipstick in the land? The Revlon Cherry Blossom 028 "Super Lustrous Lipstick"? Well. Darlings, I'm not sure anything could ever overtake my love for that. However, I'll do a week long trial run of Kiss and Blush and see if it can't come second. 

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