Thursday, 10 July 2014

10 (ish) Things That Make Me Happy

Ten things that make me happy, as of today, still the fifth of July 2014. Though it is fast approaching the 6th to be fair.

10. Hot, long showers. Especially when you've been cold or, say, been caught in a sudden downpour and gotten drenched.

9. Peace and quiet to just do whatever. Browse the internet. Watch something. Read. Sometimes it's nice to just not talk, just chill out completely.

8. Washing up. As in dishes. But only when there's no one else in the house so I'm free to a.) belt out some Disney tunes or b.) just imagine nice things happening. Like being on a talk show, bragging about amazing my life will be. By the time I'm on the show.

7. Nice surprises. I think everyone likes this. Like someone awesome following you on twitter, an unexpected text, whatever. Makes me happy.

6. Free stuff. I love free stuff. Free samples can make my day, especially if it's something I actually like, like makeup. Free gifts with magazines? All over it.

5. My dog. Well, technically she's my sister's dog, but I love her so much. She's just so freaking cute. I think she's unappreciated because everyone compares her to my other sister's dog. Who everyone thinks is an angel. "My" dog is amazing.

4. Sleep. I love sleep. I think the sensation of being comfortable in bed, just dozing off is the best in the world. Though I do get really grumpy if it's interrupted. Usually by my amazing dog. Uhm...

3. Cooking. I do love cooking. I hardly ever follow recipes, I just think of something that sounds nice and make it. Usually works. It's just so relaxing to potter around a kitchen.

2. Doing crafty things like sewing, drawing, make super awesome phone cases or jewellery. Whatever it is. And then just seeing what it is you've made and being proud of yourself. Lovely.

1. Being happy. I will admit, woah we're about to get deep, I've had a history of depression and anxiety. So these days if I find myself happy, truly happy, it makes me even more happy. Does that make sense? You'll know when I'm truly happy, I do proper belly laughs and pull horrible happy faces. I really appreciate my times of happiness now and am so thankful that some of the worst times in my life are history and not in the present tense.

Oh darn. I just thought of another one.

Well, my last one is learning. I'm always striving to learn more. Reading articles, papers, books, watching documentaries, whatever it is I love it. I want to know everything.

I want to know, can you show me...

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