Wednesday, 30 July 2014

£20 makeup challenge!


I recently decided that the £20 (or $20) makeup challenge just looked like a good idea. Not only does it cause Beauty Bloggers, such as myself (sort of), to stop and check their privilege but also demonstrate to those who may not have cash to burn (such as myself, but I do anyway.) how to do a full face of makeup on the cheap.

Also I am all about a bargain so this challenge just has me all over it. I took it to mean just the beauty products themselves, though I did buy some cheap brushes to review too.

Beauty UK Matte FX Foundation

Such photography, so profession, wow.
 This foundation is fine. It's very light coverage and likewise it's a very light formula. However, it does apply very easily, it equals out skin tone and it did stick around literally all day, with pressed powder. I'm not in love with it, but I do believe I'll be reaching for it again. What usually puts me off liquid foundation is it making my face feel heavy but I didn't find that with this at all. It was a bit light for my skin tone but hey, Olive Tone Problems, am I right? It did seem to cover my dark circles quite well though. Even though it isn't a concealer. Cheeky Bonus? The packaging is a bit cheap looking but I've seen worse from more expensive brands. It's kind of a bottle crossed with a tube so the product is easy to get at.

Price: £2.99

Worth It? Yeah I guess.

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder 

You can see my naked body! lel jk tricked you
 This pressed powder is amazing. Actually amazing. I am seriously impressed. It's ridiculously cheap but so... ugh. Beautiful. It comes in a little plastic circle, and the product slides out sideways. On the back of the product tray is a little pocket with a soft sponge and there's a real mirror on the back of the circle. I say real mirror as in glass, not plastic. The product itself applies easily and did not once all day look cakey. Nor did it (combined with the foundation, I suppose) allow any shine through. And this was on a day that was meltingly hot, I was busy working as a photography assistant and then pretty much went straight from there to a really hot curry restaurant. No shine. And it's perfectly handbag sized! I absolutely love this and will definitely repurchase.

Price: £2.00

Worth it? Oh God Yes. Yes!

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush

I think Makeup Revolution may be my new favourite makeup brand, because this Blush was brilliant too. The packaging is a lot more simple than the powder, just a little flip top, but the product is very pigmented. Like seriously. On the one hand, amazing cause you only need a little! On the other, it took a lot of blending because I did not realise how pigmented a cheap blusher could be. It's not quite the perfect colour for me, but it looked nice enough. For how cheap it is, you could buy one in every colour and not break the bank.

Pretty standard. Until you slather it on and look like a blushing anime girl.

Price: £1.00

Worth it? For sure.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick

The one on the right is the lippy in the pictures below...
I know, I know, it looks like I got a bit carried away at the Makeup Revolution counter. Can you blame me? I could easily have done this whole blog about them! Easily! This lipstick really does live up to it's name. It's so creamy, smooth and moisturising. Excellent colour pay off. High shine. Long lasting. I actually ended up buy three of these lipsticks because I couldn't decide, but the colour linked above is the one I used for this makeup look. It's a really vibrant, warm red with an orange undertone. Also, big bonus, you may remember misadventures of youth, buying cheap lipsticks and them smelling ridiculously gross. Usually overly perfumey. This does not have that. At all. It doesn't really smell of anything but I am totally okay with that. If it doesn't dry my lips out, lasts a long time and goes on so easily, I really don't mind.

I will just say that the Matte shade I bought from this brand was a bit harder to apply, but not overly so. And, as always with matte lipsticks, you're going to want to make sure you have really smooth lips.

Price: £1.00

Worth it? Oh yes. I will definitely be buying more.

MUA eXtreme Volume Mascara

Seriously why am I not doing this professionally. So talented. 

 This mascara is okay. I mean, it didn't seem to smudge or flake all day so that's good. It wasn't clumpy, so that's good. But I can't say that it gave my eyelashes the va-va-voom I love so much from my Miss Manga mascara. It did thicken them a bit and lengthened a smidge but overall not that eXtreme in my opinion. However, I may take to using this as a "bottom lash mascara". I did really like it on my lower lashes, them being so tiny and prone to clumping. It did do a good job on them. So whilst I won't be rebuying, I will continue to use it. So it's not a complete waste.

Price: £2.00

Worth it? For that price? It's really not bad.

Body Collection Bronzing Pressed Powder

This Bronzer has wifi.

I actually bought this at BodyCare for (spoilers) £1.49, but I don't think BodyCare has a website that works. So.

This bronzer is not great. It's a bit overly shimmery for my taste and doesn't have a lot of colour pay off. I don't even know how that's possible but there we go. I won't be buying it again and most likely I won't be using it again. It may be gifted to a sister or friend who likes hand-me-down makeup.

Price: £1.49

Worth it: Regretting having bothered.

W7 Waterproof Automatic Fine Eye Liner

Eyeko on Left: W7 on Right. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this eyeliner. It was easy to use, long lasting and didn't smudge at all. It was even kind of difficult to budge with eye makeup remover, but that says a lot for its longevity! It isn't the most intense black around but I think we're just splitting hairs there. It really is a find nip on the pen and so I had to compare it to my Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Pen. It really does compare as a budget version, it's not as intense, it doesn't look as a smooth, but it's still very usable and use it I will. I may even buy again, but I'll have to see how quick it dries out first.

Price: £2.99

Worth it? So far, yes. 

W7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette
God I'm terrible at photos.

Such talent.
There's a lot of jibber jabber on the internet about this being a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I cannot comment on that as I sadly do not own the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I know, it's a hard life. I have compared the pictures of the Naked 2 available online to this palette and the colours do seem erily similar. I compared the quality of powder in this palette to my lovely Naked (original) palette and obviously, the Naked palette eyeshadows are a much better quality.

All that being said, I LOVE this palette. This is absolutely the bestest product out of all that I have purchased. Considering how cheap it is, it's beautiful. It's well made, quite light but it doesn't look necessarily cheap. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and they lasted all day. It is a very good quality eyeshadow palette, especially for the price. If you've been eyeballing the Naked palettes, but they seem a bit steep,  then definitely go for this. There isn't a mirror in the palette but that's forgivable. The brush is decent, it's dual ended- one end is a brush and the other is a sponge tip. It's not bad, nowhere near the soft loveliness of the brush in my Naked Palette but definitely usable.

Price: £4.29

Worth it? Oh yes, darling.

That brings our running total to... drum roll please... £17.76! 

So I did this challenge and didn't spend over £20, managed to do a full face and did a good job too if I may say so.

And that brings us all to the moment you've all been waiting for. The pictures of my finished makeup look! This was a daytime look, and the photos were taken by my Best Friend and Personal Photographer Louise. Enjoy.

Why yes, that is a Hawaiian Print Jurassic Park t-shirt.

duuun-DUUUN du du duun du du du duuun dun dun du dun dundundundun duuuuun dun dun duuuuun duuuun

the above caption was the Jurassic Park theme tune. Obviously. Best film ever.

Also, I did purchase some other products on the cheap that you would need to go with your makeup. Brushes and a primer, to be exact. However this post is long enough already, so I'll write about those another time as well as posting some more photos from my amazing photoshoot! Wehey!

Until then,



  1. Hey hun, I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Pop over to my blog for details. xx

  2. In the last photo you look like Jesy from Little Mix, I don't know about you but I love them!! :) I love the lipsticks !!:)

    1. Gotta love a bit of Little Mix! Thank you, so lovely of you to say, she's a very pretty girl. xx