Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Storm's a-brewin'...

 Greetings fellow social-life-havers!

If you're in the UK, you're probably more than familiar with the current weather. In the UK. It's muggy and hot and sticky and gross. But the upshot is, the other night there was a wicked thunder storm. I sadly didn't get any pictures, because they all turned out crap, but it was immense. The fiercest storm I've seen in ages.

It was made extra creepy by a really old toy that is somewhere in my room that kept randomly playing a few notes. I thought it was an omen. I was embracing death.

I really enjoy a good thunder storm, I love dramatic weather generally, so I was very much enjoying my sheer terror.

Today the weather has gone back to being muggy and miserable so I thought, hey, why not pass the time by playing with your face? So that's what I've decided to do, using the new and Limited Edition (ooh, fancy) Rio Rio 424 Palette by Sleek. So this will kind of be a review too. Awesome!

Reversed because I'm just that lazy.
Top Layer: 1. Leblon 2. Urca 3. Caipirinha 4. Ipanema 5. Night Fever  6. Tropics
Bottom Layer: 1. Leme 2. Bossa Nova 3. Sao Conrado 4. Copacabana 5. City of God 6. Cachaca

I decided to stick with a summer weather theme, so decided to do two eye makeup looks. I know! Two! One for day time, one for night time. Just playing a game of nighttime/daytime.

So here they are!
Idea of the colour and pardon the recycling.
I probably should have gotten rid of that first.
At least I'm eco friendly? 

Just the most G. Ever.
Did I use that right?

Simple yet vibrant?

For the daytime look, I used the Copacabana all over the lid as a base. Word to the wise, it's really quite pigmented so you don't need a lot. Lesson learned the hard way. I then used Tropics on the out edge of the lid, blending up into and out of the crease slightly and also placing it two thirds along the lower lash line. I then put a teensy bit of Ipanema in the crease just to add some depth and onto the very outer corner of the lower lash. A fingertip of Urca in the centre of the lids and on the brow bone to brighten and done! So simple. So cool. Very vibrant but good for a festival or barbecue. Anywhere outdoors! 

Obviously added some more bronzer for the night time look. Also by Sleek, Face Form in Medium fyi! 

It may look like I just vomited, but this is my seductive face.
Why yes, I am single, how did you know?

Winning smile. Never won anything in my life.

For the night time look, I did really want to bring in the colours I personally associate with storms and dramatic weather. So for this I just built on the colours I had before, from the day time look, and darkened them. I used Leme in the crease and blended it down onto the outer third of the lid. I also placed it along the lower lash line, about a third along. After that I used a teensy weensy bit of Leblon in the crease itself to deepen and darken. (Side bar, this black, omg, THIS BLACK. That is all.) I then blended some Bossa Nova along the centre third of the lower lash and some Cachaca in the inner third and corner. Tiny bit of Cachaca in the centre of the upper lid and done! Boom! Electrical storm on your face, like what? 

For the rest of m'face, I just used light summer time makeup stuffs. Tinted moisturisers, a little blush and a little bronzer. My lipstick was Natural Collection Pink Mallow, but it was too pale so I used Night Fever in the centre of my lips for the daytime look and Tropics all over for the night time. 

And that's everything! I do hope you enjoyed it, let me know either way. 

I'm currently planning a very special blog post for which I am spending actual money in order to make. 

Say whaaaat? I know. Crazy. 

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