Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Barry M Nail Art Pens- a review

Whilst I was in town t'other day, I stopped to have a look at the Barry M stand in Superdrug.

"That's nice," you're saying. "Cool story, thanks for sharing," you carry on.

But wait! There is a point to this!

Whilst I was perusing the stand, I spotted the Barry M Nail Art Pens. I'm not sure what happened, because the next part happened so quickly, but the next thing I knew I was walking away from Superdrug with a bright pink bag and a lighter purse.

The colours I chose to purchase were Pink, Black and White. They also do Silver, as the one remaining colour, but obviously the limit is drawn at three. And I didn't just somehow forget to pick one up.


So anyway, I've used these pens a couple of times now and I must say oh my life these are amazing and I will tell you why in my beloved Roman Numerals;

i. For the most part they are really opaque, so you don't need to try and go exactly over the fiddly little lines again precisely. If you're filling in larger areas though the colours sometimes need spot checking. (Looking at you, White.)

ii. The consistency is so good, it isn't gloopy nor is it too runny. The colour goes where you want it to go and stays there.

iii. They dry soooo quickly. It may be because in reality you're only putting a tiny bit of varnish on, but even so. There's no dilly dallying. Put it on, watch a quick Natalie Tran video on youtube (they're like 3 minutes long average) and your nails are bone dry by the end.

iv. You can make some incredibly adorable designs with them. Because the colours are so vibrant, and also because there is black and white, I'm drawn to doing cute little cartoon type designs. Something a bit funky, bit different, but totally awesome.
You can of course make patterns and so on and so forth. The only limit is your imagination! That and there only being four colours to choose from. You know, whatever. You're going to let a little thing like that stop you? Jeez.

My overall rating? 10/10. Given the low price tag and amazing quality, Barry M, once again and always, you rock.

Here's some photos for your perusal;

Choose some vibrant Barry M Base Colours

Doodle some random shit on them

Define that shit and top coat! Tadaaa!

POW! Surprise them all with your other hand too! 

This is honestly fool proof. Even if you're crap at drawing, you could just scribble on your nails in the colours and I'm sure it would still look awesome.

...hold on. Let's see that shall we?

it's a Jackson Pollock painting! 

You see? So simple, easy, awesome and affordable. 

My already lazy arse now has an even lazier way to make nail art. Thanks Barry M!



  1. Great post! Especially the swearing, haha. You're just like me on that :) Love your style of writing.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you so much! That's so kind of you.

    And yeah, I did try my hardest for like two posts to not swear, but it's just the way I am. Hard life.

    Thanks again!