Sunday, 6 July 2014

Do I look like Emma Stone yet?

Greetings Fellow Users of this WebNet,

this post is an odge podge of different things that I've enjoyed/not enjoyed/ experienced over the last week or two of being too gosh darn exhausted to think, let alone write.

So, for my job as a manual labour agency slave, I work as a packer in a warehouse. Or a picker in a warehouse. The job itself is fine, it is what it is, I have no intention of being there forever but I figure I have at least a week or two left before it's dead again and they get rid of me. But golly gee Miss Marie if it isn't so fucking tiring. The shifts are ten and a half hours long, and they sometimes fool you into working twelve. By fool I mean they ask and I'm usually too chickenshit to say no. It was alright at first because it wasn't that busy- I was basically being paid to socialize and make new friends. But since "Our Client" launched their Summer Sale, ugh, it's been rammed. Running around like a headless chicken and sweating like... well. Like a really sweaty, disgusting mess. Pouring off me, it was. Disgusting. And on the days off you do get, you just want to sit, stare into space and recover.

So that's why I haven't been posting so much.

In beauty news, in Boots all Revlon Mascara, Nail Polish and Lip Products are two for a tenner! I enjoy this very much and used this opportunity to purchase two Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms. One if a gorgeous dark rose colour called "Sultry", the other a vibrant coral called "Audacious". And I loves them so very, very much. Especially Sultry, because much as I do love pink lipsticks, they just don't love me. It is nigh on impossible for me to find a pink that suits me. And I'm pretty sure this one does. And Audacious is beautiful too, I do love Coral lip colours, I just need a little bit more sunshine to wear it. They also have a weird, minty smell. I kind of like it, it's not a bad smell, it just kind of reminds me of the nicotine gum you chew to quit smoking. And I don't like those gums at all.

this is not an Emma Stone facial expression. This is a oh my god I have to sneeze don't sneeze in the picture well if you do I'll take another oh god selfies are too much effort ugh facial expression. 

I also bought a couple of Revlon Nail Polishes. As seen here.

the claw looming from the darkness... real tan btw not sure why it's orange. 

They're both beautiful, obviously, and they go so nicely with the older Revlon glitter I have. The beautiful blue is "410 Dreamer" and the pink is "040 Fuchsia Fever". The pink glitter is, of course, "261 Sparkling" and is just the loveliest of the Revlon Glitter Family. I think. One coat of it is enough to make it's presence known without being too much like a disco ball on the end of your fingers.

Oh right, something else that's irking me about work- my nails keep breaking. My nails are meant to be indestructible from using my Renunail but no. Work it ruining them. So I've had to file them down to little stubs. Most upsetting. Also my hands are really dry. Ugh.

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