Tuesday, 12 August 2014

You Are Allowed to Be Sad About Celebrities Dying

Greetings, Sexual Deviants!

Something you may not know about me- I am actually the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I know, mind fuck right? But it's true I am. You can't tell anyone though, because it's top secret. So super secret in fact that even the "Rulers" of the countries of this world don't know. Crazy.

As Ruler of the Universe, I decree that you are allowed to be sad. You have permission.

Why do I feel the need to point this out?

Well, as everyone should know by now; Robin Williams passed away yesterday. He shuffled off of this mortal coil. His days circling our Sun are over. He died.

I caught the news just as it was breaking and saw Twitter come alive with comments of respect and love for him. It was lovely and I'm sure he appreciated it. The news indicated that he had been battling with depression, which is so tragic, because depression doesn't need to be a terminal illness. But for far too many people, it is just that.

Now, you may be asking "if you saw so many people sharing their love for him, why are you still giving us permission to be sad?"

Excellent question you naughty little gimp.

Naturally, shortly after the wave of respect and love came a wave of cynical, snide, derogatory and down right nasty comments. These comments were both regarding Robin Williams himself or the people sad about his passing.

In my eyes there is no need for that.

While it is true that none of us knew him personally, that doesn't mean we can't be sad at his passing. His was a face and for sure a voice a lot of us grew up with. He'll be gone, we'll notice.

Sure, it may be true that whilst it is trending on twitter today it will not be tomorrow. That's fine. But at the end of the day a household name and brilliantly creative person has died. So just for the next couple of days, could the glib, snarky people stick their bitter tongue back up their poopshoot. Just for a while.

It may not be the biggest tragedy in the world right now, and if you follow the news as avidly as I do you know it is nowhere near, but a few people right now, in his circle of family and friends, are living through an immense tragedy. Imagine being one of Robin Williams family members and reading some of the nasty things that are said? That is not a way to respect and remember someone.

So shut the fuck up.

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