Monday, 29 September 2014


Hello Sexual Deviants,

So I'm pretty sure everyone on the internet has seen Emma Watson's eloquent speech on feminism at the UN conference. If you haven't, stop reading a sec to watch it. I'll wait. You go right ahead. Go on. It's fine.

It really is a rather good speech, isn't it? She talks about fighting for the rights of men as well as women.

She also talks about how Feminism has become synonymous with Man Hating, which is tragically true. For me, it seems that it's the go to insult for a woman sticking up for womens rights on the interweb will be called a Feminist or Feminazi.

So I've decided to separate the two definitions, put them out there into the void and see if it sticks.

Feminism: the drive for true gender equality. A feminist can be any sex, but has to have the need inside of them for everyone, regardless of what's in their knickers, what colour they are, where they live, what their job is, to be equal and have equal opportunities.

Feminazi: a particularly tragic breed of women who do sadly exist, who do not want gender equality. These women are the man-haters that Emma spoke about and do in fact want the betterment of women at the cost of men. In an ideal feminazi world the men would be enslaved and only used for the purposes of procreation and sexy fun times, as well as to service all other needs of women.

I'd also just like to point out something that people seem to get wrong on the internet all the time. This is just an example but gosh if it doesn't just rustle my jimmies.

Woman A: I like being a stay at home mum! I love taking care of my children, keeping my house nice and cooking nice meals for my husband, ready for when he gets home from his strenuous bringing of bacon.
Feminazis everywhere: What? How could you do that and still call yourself a feminist? That isn't bettering female kind! You're giving in to a MAN to do what MEN think a WOMAN is SUPPOSED to do.

This is wrong. The feminazis I mean. They are wrong. They would also be wrong if they called a man less of a men if he wanted to be a house husband. Why?

Feminism and equality are about choice and equal opportunities. If a couple is financially stable and one of them doesn't need to work, why should they if they like taking care of their home and family? Why is it not feminist to choose to be a stay at home mum?

Feminism isn't about making people go out and do top jobs because that's what our grandmothers (or whatever) fought for. Our grandmothers (shut up) fought to give us the opportunity. So we are allowed to do what we want. But we don't have to. Just like if the wife in our scenario didn't want to give up work, but the husband didand was content to be care for his family and home.

Feminism and equality is about equal choices and opportunities, not about assigning more roles on people or questioning the ones they take on themselves.

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