Friday, 26 September 2014

I've been on holiday!

Greetings Sexual Deviants!

I am aware that I have done an appalling job of updating my blogs lately, I am a terrible person.

I have an excuse though! Sort of. I was on holiday.

They had wifi and I had my tablet so it's not a very good excuse.

But enough of my crimes against blogging- on to the holiday!

I went, with my mother (so cool), to a place called Cirali in Turkey. It's essentially a big village or small town and it's near to Olympos. Olympos is renowned for being the place hippies and travelers migrate to in Turkey.

Cirali itself is like holidaying in a garden, it's so lush everywhere. Lots of interesting wildlife and plant life. I didn't see as much of the wildlife as I'd have liked- I heard tell of hedgehogs, tortoises and chameleons of which I saw none.

I did see a rather special aspect of the fauna of Cirali though. It had me quite emotional.

I saw baby turtles making their way to the sea.

It was truly magical. They say that only 1 in 1000 baby sea turtles survive into adulthood. Once they get into the ocean, they also say that they have around ten lost years where no one knows where they go. I guess it's pretty easy to lose a baby turtle in such a vast ocean.

The brood we went especially to watch were sponsored by the pension we stayed at and it had the moderate amount of 18 babies emerging. Of these we saw two taken by predatory sea birds. Sounds heartless, but I was expecting there to be far more. The owner of the pension, or pansiyon, was even in the water, waving his arms and shouting at the birds to get them to move on. I think 16/18 is a stellar amount of survival for their first adventure.

Here's some more photos from our sunrise activities:

Blends in rather well

The turtles follow the sunlight to reach the sea

No makeup sunrise selfie!

The best picture I've ever taken

Washing the sand off and keeping them hydrated

Follow the sunlight my little darling!

Looks like plastic, tastes like chicken (joking.)      

It really truly deeply was a magical experience that I want to happen again. If every day started off by waking up before sunrise, heading to the beach and watching/guiding these creatures down to the sea, well. I'd be up well before dawn every damn day.

Even if the sand flies were biting and one of them bit me so good my thigh swelled up like someone had surgically implanted a golf ball.


  1. That looks amazing!! And I'm prone to swollen mosquito bites too!! btw love youre writing style :)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, awful isn't it. I snapped off an aloe vera plant and smeared pure aloe in it like Bear Grylls. Our friend also gave me antihistamine. No one knows which was the one that worked. #mystery