Friday, 28 November 2014

Classy Autumn/Winter Makeup

Greetings Sexual Deviants of the Internet,

Gee golly gosh, it's been an awfully long time since I posted hasn't it? I'm afraid that's what happens when life throws a brick wall in your face. Blogging takes a back seat. But that is rectified now!

To launch me back into blogging, I have just a quickie on the look I am rocking today. Inspired by the birthday card I received from my aunt and uncle, I have designed a dead simple, dead classy Autumn/Winter face of makeup. I was going to also do my hair like a 1940s starlet but then decided that hair really wasn't my thing and who has time for that noise.

Tada! Basically just a slightly smokey eye, using the grey shadow in Barry M's Glow Pallet and the white on the brow bone. It's lined with Eyeko skinny liquid liner. A full picture of the products I used is here;

Barry M Eyeshadow, Make Up Revolution Lipstick, Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder, Dior Blush, Smashbox Primer

 Except oh wait, it's not complete, because I forgot the eyeliner. Honestly. Can't find the help these days. Anyway, the blush on the left is Dior 876 "Happy Cherry" and if anything the picture doesn't do credit to how bright and lovely it is. The eyeshadow and blush pallet at the back is Barry M's Glow pallet. The contour and bronzing pallet on the right is Sleek in Medium 374 and if you're wondering about the slight discolouration, well, that's happens when you mix cats, coffee and makeup. The silver tube is my Cargo concealer/foundation "OneBase" in number 02. The black tube is Makeup Revolution lipstick, it's "Dare" which is a lovely bright, pigmented red with a matte finish. Next to it is my Makeup Revolution pressed powder. Beneath that is Avon Color Trend Mascara in black. The final item is Smashbox primer, which is my favourite primer ever. I also used Model Co pencil eyeliner in black to tightline and Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in black for standard liquid eyeliner purposes.
Eyekow Skinny Liquid Liner, Model Co pencil eyeliner

I absolutely adore all of the products I used today, they all seemed to work together to make me actually look like someone who'd seen the outside world recently. I also posted a picture of the look on instagram (obviously) which is here...

makeup tutorial, makeup demonstration

Because I love me some collages! Here's a close up of the awesome card they sent me...

birthday card

And all the love in the world goes out to my Aunt Linda, who sent the card, as she is laid up in hospital in AUSTRALIA after breaking her ankle. Love you Linda! Get well soon!

Thanks for reading darlings,


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