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Glossy Box Review August/September 2016

Hello! So very glad that you could join me!

So I very recently gave in to the Beauty Box Hype and signed myself up for Glossybox. I'd read good reviews and have obviously spent years drooling with envy as beauty vlogger after beauty vlogger unwrapped them on camera for my (our) entertainment.

Well I finally gone and ordered one meself!

Glossybox, Beautybox, September, 2016
New bedsheets too, cha ching~

Let it first be said that the packaging is gorgeous. It's so nicely presented. You get the lovely box initially, then the tissue paper, sticker, ribbon combo that everyone has seen. It's so nice. My mummy-bear said that it would make a lovely gift- I promptly pointed out it was a gift. A gift from me, to me. I'm so thoughtful.

Anywho, onto the contents;

MUA Eyeshadow Palette: this is the first thing I noticed once I finally got into the products. I love me an eyeshadow palette and this one seems really pretty. At an RRP of just £4, it isn't the most luxe item in the box, but that does mean you can easily go buy more if you love it. I don't think I own any eyeshadows by MUA, but I do have some matte liquid lipsticks from them that I adore so I am very excited to get into these shadows and have a play around.

MUDMASKY Recovery Mask: I did try this in the bath just now and it is quite a strange little formula. I'm not sure if this was a mistake or purposeful, but it looked like there were bits of dead leaves in the mask itself? Like tiny, black, well, bits of broken leaves. I smeared it on anyway, it felt like they might have exfoliating purposes so I didn't mind. One thing to be aware of in this mask is the TINGLE. The packaging says a slight tingling sensation, but I found it to be quite strong. It doesn't last long, however, so it wasn't too bad. The mask also has a very fresh scent so all in all quite pleasant to use. And my face does feel very smooth now, so it's a win.

Spa to You Cleansing Brush: I actually used this before the mudmask, because I figured I should punish my skin as much as possible, and it too is quite strange. I was expecting the bristles to feel softer than they were. It really is a scrub brush and it did feel quite scratchy on the skin which wasn't actually all that pleasant. I mean, I love a good scrub, but this was a bit much. All is not lost, however, because I then tried it as a scrubber for the horrible, dead skin that has appeared on my legs and it did a bang up job! So in short, great for body use, proceed with caution for the face.

COWSHED Wild Cow Body Lotion: I love the smell of this stuff, it's so fresh smelling. In the bottle, the smell is mostly citrusy lemon grass but once it's on the ginger really comes out to play. It's also quite light and very quickly absorbed so I've decided to take this to work to keep in my uniform pocket and use as a hand cream- you need it when you wash your hands 100+ times a day and this fresh smell might be enough to cover up some of the less pleasant aromas we nurses have to face!

Glossybox Makeup bag: the final item, a makeup bag that goes with the "Theme" of this month's box. I've read some disparaging remarks online, that it looked more like a freebie than a luxe treat but I personally do not mind. I always need makeup bags and this is a cute one. It's not too big, but not so small as to be useless and would probably be perfect for weekends away. Nice.

All in all, I am very happy with my first Glossybox. When I signed up I was offered a free box too, so I await with eager anticipation for that one to arrive!

What did you think of the latest Glossybox? Can you recommend any other subscription beauty services? Let me know!

Much love,

Alice x

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