Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I swear I will dedicate more time to this...

It's been nearly two years since I last posted.

January 2015. It is now September 2016.

How in the heck has that happened?

How have you all been?

Shall I give a bit of an explanation of where I have been, what I have been upto and why I'm coming back?

Okay, if you insist...

Back in January 2015, I was hired as a home carer at a local care agency. I really enjoyed the job- basically going out to peoples houses and helping them to help themselves- and found it really rewarding. Unfortunately, however, it was extremely time consuming. I rarely had a day off. Granted I had some time each afternoon, usually, but the last thing on my mind was anything actually needing my mind or brain. I worked for them for seven months, by which time it was more than clear that I needed to work somewhere where I actually had time off.

There followed my successfully applying for a job as a healthcare assistant in the local hospital and here I have been ever since. I like the work. I enjoy helping people, dirty bums and oozing wounds and all. And that's all I'm prepared to say on the matter. For now.

During all this my mother also divorced a shithead and we moved house. My mum has met someone amazing and life is happy once again. I have not met anyone though, so there's that. I've been on holiday several times, had one christmas- lived, basically. But nothing other major has gone on.

And where has beauty been in all this? Where has my blog been? It's been left on the wayside. I've still been buying all the makeup a girl could ever need. I've still be wearing it and even occasionally posting on instagram. But habits were lost, so here we are. I'm a stranger to blogging, again. And the only one I'm punishing by that is myself.

So I would like to start again.

Hi. My name is Alice. I really do love makeup and beauty and creativity. So I'll try again.

If you'll let me.

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