Thursday, 6 October 2016

Les Marveilleuses de Laduree DIY copy how to guide!

Hello again, nice to see you! Not that I can actually see you. That would be awesome though. Or very weird, depending on your state of dress.

I'm sure you, like myself, have been swept away by images and videos of the gorgeous Les Marveilleuses de Laduree Rose Petal Blush (hereto referred to as the Laduree blush haha) and just like me you have absolutely fallen in love with it.

Well, in love right up until I saw the price tag.

Screenshot from and correct at time of publishing.

Now, this is one of the most expensive ones I've seen- the price seems to range from £230 to £400 here in the UK. Even so, £230 for a blusher? You are kidding? I aint got that kind of dollar, I'm sure most people don't. I'd go so far to say that about 99% of the population don't. 

So what of us poor, struggling, starving blog writers/auxiliary nurses?  Do we not deserve beautiful things? 

Of course we bloody do. So we just make it ourselves!  

There's quite a few tutorials available online for this, so sadly I am not the first. But I thought I'd put mine out there if only to show off the lovely thing I now have. At least it also means you can find out how a number of people did it and come up with your own technique- that's what I did! I made mine with pink blush for the main body of the petal and a golden shimmery highlighter for the base- the colour combos are up to you but this is how I did mine.

Right, so the ingredients and equipment you will need: 

Powder blush
Powder highlighter
Small makeup brush x 2
Small mixing bowls x 2
Rubbing alcohol (mine is 70% proof)
Washing up bowl and fairy liquid
Artificial rose petals

Step One

I bought fake roses to take the petals from for mine, but you can buy individual rose petals too and I think you may get a more realistic result from them. I just bought the fake roses because it was cheaper/easier. So if you have fake roses, you'll need to dismantle them and cut the petals apart. Then before you do anything else you're going to want to wash them. You wouldn't use a grubby makeup compact would you? Or eat off of a dirty plate? These rose petals are going to be in contact with your skin via the proxy that is your makeup brush. So they need to be clean. I used hot water and fairy liquid for mine, then patted them dry with kitchen roll and popped them on a radiator for a bit.

Step Two

Douse your now dry petals in your perfume of choice. Something like Paul Smith's Rose would be perfect, but I didn't want to use it up so I used my Dior Sweet Sun. But any perfume will do, if indeed you want them to be scented. Thoroughly douse them, so they're soaking wet again. Then back on the radiator to dry they go. I know, laborious isn't it? Such is beauty.  
If you don't want scented rose petals, you can of course skip this step. I apologise for wasting your time.

Step Three
"Blush Goddess" from Makeup Revolution. I used the two on the bottom left, and the second from the bottom on the right as the highlighter.

Once the petals are dry, you can make your blush mix. Take your blush and transfer the powder into the mixing bowl. This is where the knife comes into play. Yes, I know it's heart breaking to destroy what I'm assuming is a beautiful palette or compact, but it's also kind of satisfying, I think you'll find. Once it's in the bowl, start mashing! I used the blunt of my knife but technique is down to you. You want it to mostly be a fine powder. With your rose petals dry and to hand, lay down some kitchen roll to line them up on and another piece to do your painting on. You'll want this to be ready before you add the alcohol to the blush.

Step Four

 Add the alcohol to the powder mix about a tablespoon at a time and mix with one of the makeup brushes until it has a smooth, spreadable consistency. One at a time, paint it onto the front of your rose petals, leaving a small section at the base where the highlighter will go. Line them up like obedient ants, and set them aside to dry. 

Step Five

Once they're dry, make up another paste using the highlighter instead of blush. You'll need a bit less highlighter as its covering a smaller area, but the process is the same. Once it's mixed apply it to the blank spaces you left on the petals.  Set them aside to dry and then, voila! Your beautiful rose petals are ready for use!

The finished product in the vintage glass candy dish, and in the top right we see the obedient little ants lining up neatly as they dry.

Now, in terms of storage, I was fortunate enough to have a vintage glass candy dish that belonged to my Nan and was very cleverly remembered by the mother when I was talking about it. Before I realised I had that, I bought a small Kilner jar and decorated it with stick on pearls. Any small container with a lid will do- I just preferred glass so I could see the petals through it, and it needs a lid so they don't get dusty.  You can search your local charity shops or online for candy dishes, I'm sure they're quite prevalent. Or search through the family heirlooms if you have any, you never know. 

Excuse the eyebrows. They need sorting, I know.

And above was my trial look, I have it quite subtle here but you really could build it if you wanted. The highlight also gives a gorgeous subtle glow. 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. Let me know what you think, is there anything I should have done differently? Have you tried it yourself? Leave me links to your attempts, I'd love to have a nose. At them. Your DIYs. I do have a physical nose, as you can see. 

I'll see you soon my lovelies, I received my first Birchbox today so I'll be having a pamper session over the weekend and will be back to you with the results!




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