Wednesday, 1 March 2017

On applying makeup to another person...

Hello all,

To business. I, like I'm sure many of you, feel fairly proficient at applying makeup to my own face. I am familiar with it's curves and depths, I know the problem areas to watch out for- I know the exact shape of my eyeballs and how to apply eyeshadow to most flatter them. I know exactly how much highlighter really makes my cupid's bow pop. I know all these things, because I have been practising for so long and staring at my own face in a mirror for what probably adds up to years. Not all of that staring done happily, I must add.

So I, like many young women on the internet these days, would count myself as a makeup artist. Because applying makeup and creating looks is an art-form. Perfectly blending eyeshadow is very much like painting and I know that because I also enjoy painting. However, I have always felt cautious, if not downright fearful, when others ask me to do what I do on their faces. Asking me to do their eyebrows, asking to do their nails, asking to do their makeup... it is all a bit nerve racking.

Like many things in life, that proficiency we feel when alone can disappear when asked to do it in front of others. 

All that being said, I had a moment earlier. I successfully applied makeup to a friend's face and it went well! I successfully managed to create a nice makeup look, by examining her face closely and seeing the curves, depths, that would be highlighted and contoured. I faced my tiny, little demon and it paid off. I'm really quite proud of myself.

Such a pretty girl~ she said, creepily

What do you all think of the look I've created? What would you have done differently? What monsters and demons have you battled and defeated lately? Let me know in the comments or head on over to my twitter and tweet me like the twits we are!



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